A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

ALIEN OUTRUN is a game developed by a team of three students for a school project in 8 weeks. Play as Scooper and use your laser blast and shield to defend yourself from the aliens! 🛸

Scooper is a robot created by the aliens of planet Schroot. He is made of old parts and machines, combined with a UFO. The aliens thought it was handy to have such a robot to take over some of their tasks. They created Scooper as a slave, doing the hard jobs and performing heavy labor, destroying enemies and planets with his powerful laser blast.

But what the aliens failed to notice, was that Scooper has slowly been learning. Learning that his alien masters from planet Schroot were the enemy. They have been taking over planets and destroying innocent people. One day, Scooper came up with an escape plan. He used his laser blast and shield to defend himself against these monstrous aliens, and Scooper has been on the run ever since… The aliens are still hunting him down, trying to capture him, but Scooter will never allow that to happen.


You play a robot that can only shoot bullets by catching the bullets of the enemies with its shield. The shield also protects him from getting hurt. The shield can only be used for a certain time. The enemies spawn in random wave forms. There are 3 types of enemies: An easy, a difficult and a turret enemy. Clear the waves by using your shield and bullets, but also use the circular planet that you move on. There are also 2 different types of walls to be found: A fixed wall, with a white color, and a wall through which you can shoot, this one is blue. Play the game tactically and use the planet! Happy blasting.


Install instructions

Unzip the zip!


AlienOutrun_v1.1_WINDOWS.zip 84 MB
AlienOutrun_v1.1_LINUX.zip 88 MB
AlienOutrun_v1.1_MAC.zip 86 MB

Development log


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Really fun game! Talked a bit about it here https://topindie.games/alien-outrun/

Really enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for reviewing our game! :)

You are welcome! Really enjoyed it.

great game, but i think you should add some upgrades maybe so it would be more fun to get points and progress through the game.

Thanks for the feedback!

At the moment we are adding boosts and upgrades that the player can pick up and use during the game. We will release this update within a few days!

Thanks for downloading & playing Alien Outrun.

Any feedback is very much appreciated. We'll use it to further develop and fix Alien Outrun! :)